Learning Commons

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning. A student may be particularly strong in certain academic areas but find others more challenging. We recognize that effective learning strategies are built around the individual student. That’s why we developed the Learning Commons. Carroll University’s Learning Commons (LC) offers a pioneering approach to academic success that ensures students have access to the resources they need most at every point of their college experience. The LC provides a wide variety of free academic support services for Carroll students. This campus hub is located in the lower level of the Todd Wehr Memorial Library and is one of our most utilized academic resources.

*LC study space is open when the library building is open. 
A Space for You

Welcoming and Free

The LC offers a comfortable  environment where you can assemble a toolkit of study skills you’ll need to be academically successful, including time management, exam preparation and learning how to work in study groups. We also offer targeted assistance to improve performance in specific academic areas and Supplemental Instruction in courses that have proven historically difficult for our students.

Academic Support Services

The Learning Commons (LC) offers free academic support to currently enrolled Carroll students. Whether you are seeking interactive SI sessions, tutoring or other approaches for academic support, our team of peer educators and professional staff are happy to help! For a quick introduction to services check out the Overview of the LC.
  • Academic Strategy Workshops
  • Drop-in Tutoring
  • English Conversation Partners
  • Math Assistance
  • Reading & Writing Lab
  • Resources for Graduate Students
  • Spanish Conversation Tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Writing Assistance
  • Writing Resources


For information, appointments, schedules, and summer support options visit LCOnline.

Can't find what you need? Email the Learning Commons Info Desk at lcommons@mizarstudio.com.

Certifications and Accreditations

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